Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuna macaroni salad-Ensalada de macarron con atun

Hello everyone, Aqui les dejo una receta para la cuaresma, facil de hacer y economica. Tambien al final de la receta les voy a dar unas ideas para saber que cocinar en estos viernes de cuaresma que no se come carne para muchos....We strictly do not eat red meat on fridays and for us we don't eat chicken either. I also want to share with you some traditional cuaresma food that we cook in our family in the coming weeks (Capirotada, Torrejas etc.) Sometimes its hard to come up with ideas on what to make, but here is something fast and easy that I prepared for lunch for tommorow: Oh and one more thing I am working on how to set up the names of my recipes on the side bar, that way you can see them all instead of searching for the year month etc. I am still learning!!!!!

You will need:
-1 pkg macarroni cooked and drained (about a 12-16 oz. pkg)
-2 cans of tuna in water (drained)
-2 tomatoes chopped
-1/4th of a white onion chopped
-2 jalapenos de lata chopped
-1 can of corn drained

Super easy, all you do is mix all ingredients and add however much mayonaise you want, and salt and pepper to taste!!! Refrigerate left overs....

Ideas for cuaresma:

Chiles rellenos de queso (recipe in this blog)
Camarones rancheros (recipe in this blog)
Fish Tacos Baja style (recipe in this blog)
Filete de pescado al vapor (recipe in this blog, just leave out the ham)
Enchiladas de queso
flautas de papa y queso
Tuna salad

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